Ember Media Manager
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Ember Media Manager:Main Page
Last updated at Thu Sep 01 17:24, by DanCooper

Welcome to the Wiki for Ember Media Manager: your source for Ember Media Manager documentation on the web.  ⇑ top

We decided that was time to give Ember a new home. We've taken it upon ourselves not only to pick up the code where it was left off but to attempt to continue it's development. The Goal: To continue development of Ember, because its a great product, that in our opinion is the most stable and useful media manager available. I've tried all others, but yet still come back to Ember.

Whether you're looking for tutorials, howto's or related information, you'll find it all here.

If you found our work useful feel free to donate us a beer!

Table of Content  ⇑ top

  • Ember Media Manager - a brief overview of Ember; describes what to expect from the application
  • Download - get yourself a copy of Ember Media Manager
  • Configuration guide - Ember settings are explained here
  • FAQ - most frequently asked questions
  • HowTo - a list of howto's for performing common tasks
  • Modules - modules and other extensions explained
  • Getting Involved - check how to contribute to the project

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