Ember Media Manager
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EMM Command Line Reference
Last updated at Sun Mar 13 19:07, by Cocotus
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Scraper Type:












-file "FILEPATH" **** BROKEN ****

-folder "FOLDERPATH" **** BROKEN ****

Scraper Mode:













TV Shows (Episodes):


-run "MODULENAME" **** BROKEN ****


Syntax is:
[-ScraperType -ScraperMode] [-tvupdate] [-Special]

Update movie database, autoscrape new movies and get all content (based on your settings):
-newauto -all

Update movie database, scrape new movies (ask if more then one movie search result) and get NFO and Posters, update also tv show database:
-newask -nfo -poster -tvupdate

Update tv show database only:

Don't use -miss* with -all !

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