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Avoid duplicate Images
Last updated at Sun Mar 13 19:52, by Cocotus
Using current Ember BETA 1.4.x an image matching algorithm was implemented in Ember to avoid the scraping of idential fanarts during extrafanarts scraping.

Example for difference with Imagefilter enabled/disabled:  ⇑ top

  • Imagefilter deactivated
    Imagefilter deactivatedicon_open_new.png
  • Imagefilter activated
    Imagefilter activatedicon_open_new.png

Setup in Ember  ⇑ top

  • Imagefilter setting
    Imagefilter settingicon_open_new.png

Activate Image Filter to avoid duplicate images
  • Checked: Ember scans for identical images during extrafanart scraping process and removes those of resultlist
  • Unchecked: Scraped extrafanarts results won't be altered, don't care about identical images (old behaviour)

Following settings are only used in Ember when above setting is checked (Activated Imagefilter)

  • Checked: This is the recommended setting and will make sure that scraped extrafanarts won't have duplicate images during all autoscraper runs in Ember.
  • Unchecked: Don't search for duplicate images during autoscraper extrafanart scraping processes. There might be duplicate images as a result...

  • Checked: Identical images will be marked with a "duplicate" label in imagedialog of Ember
  • Unchecked: Don't search for duplicate images during manual scraping processes.

  • Checked: During manual scraping processes for posters, identical posters will be marked with a "duplicate" label in imagedialog of Ember.
  • Unchecked: Don't search for duplicate posters during manual scraping processes.

  • Checked: Recommended setting. This will activate the search for identical fanarts during extrafanarts scraping processes and also during manual scraper runs (if Imagedialog setting is activated)
  • Unchecked: Don't search for duplicate images during autoscraper extrafanart scraping processes. Also don't search for duplicate fanarts during manual scraping processes.

Fanart/Poster match tolerance
  • Fanart; 4
  • Poster: 1
 Recommend value for fanart from various test runs: 4
 Recommend value for poster from various test runs: 1

This is the match tolerance setting. Value should be between 0 - 10 with 0 = 100% identical images, 10 = different images i.e. if you turn this value down to 0 you basically scanning for absolute identical images, with zero tolerance for small differences. For Posters this is recommended because a lot of posters are identical except their movie title. A higher value here would filter those posters out, meaning there won't any posters in english, german, france,... which is not ideal. For fanarts this value can be higher because those contain no text to distinguish.

How to use  ⇑ top

  • You should first set a limit to extrafanarts (recommended) and remove keep existing setting for now:
  • Extrafanart scrapersetting
    Extrafanart scrapersettingicon_open_new.png
  • Run in autoscraper using custom movie scraper with only scraping of extrafanarts activated or rightclick on entry -> Rescrape selected movies-> Automatic -> Extrafanarts only

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