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Sync playcounts of NFO files with trakt.tv
Last updated at Sun Mar 13 20:14, by Cocotus

How to sync playcount/watched state of NFO files with your movielibrary ⇑ top

Things you need:

  1. http://Trakt.tv account
  2. KODI trakt.tv Addon http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=220547
  3. Ember

If you don't have a trakt.tv account already go and register on offical site and then install the Trakt.tv addon from above! Make sure that you sync/upload your watched episodes/movies to trakt.tv (check out the Addon settings!). Go and login into your trakt.tv online account and check out if your synced movies/episodes from Kodi are listed there

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  1. Enable trakt.tv modul in Ember
  2. Fill your trakt.tv account data and save credentials
  3. Now scrape your watched movies/episodes from your trakt.tv account. The result will be displayed on the list on right side
  4. Save the playcount data in your movie/episode nfo in <PLAYCOUNT> Field!

When you rebuild/scan your KODI library remember to set importwatchedstate to true in advancedsettings.xml of kodi, look here http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Advancedsettings.xml

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