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Ember Media Manager:Changelogs
Last updated at Sun Mar 13 20:57, by Cocotus
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Changelog 1.4.x  ⇑ top

This is the changelog for the 1.4 release of Ember Media Manager. Logs are recorded with the latest log at the top, and the oldest log at the bottom. Because this release is still in beta mode, many log entries are missing.

2013 12 27 *Several bug fixes and all commits up to Christmas! 2013 10 27 *Several changes and fixes from Dan and the team 2013 10 14 *see commits on Git Hub for changes 2013 10 06 *fixed TMDB and several other bugs. All changes from Dan Cooper 2013 09 29 *several bug fixes including the scrape error and the save before dialog 2013 09 07 *new version with some fixes for the options

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